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'Dem wacky smugglers (on Oz TV)

I saw the first part of a two-part documentary called "Dinosaur Dealers"
last night (Sunday 17th November). It follows the exploits of
those miscreants who (to quote the TV guide) "inhabit the shady world of
fossil smugglers."

I learned several things:
  -Fossil dealers are pure evil (according to academics)
  -Academics are naive idealist who don't know what it's like in the
real world (according to dealers)
  -Uncle Bob also knows the Jurassic as the Moronic Period ("the
stupidest time on earth")

There was lots of footage of the Tucson Fossil and Mineral Show. Also
hidden camera footage of "evil" at work in China. However there were two
stars of the show: the giant North American oviraptorosaur that nobody
wants, and Fred the fossil finder's three-legged dog.

Part two is shown next week (same bat-time, same bat-channel).

  Dinosaur Dealers
  8:30PM Sunday 17th and 24th November.
  SBS, Australia


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