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Re: T. efremovi

A while back, setting off this little thread, I used *Tarbosaurus
efremovi* as a name instead of the commonly accepted use of *T. bataar*
for both species, and the various other Mongolian synonyms that Maleyev
coined. Carpenter would later designated one species as a new equivalent
taxon, *Maleevosaurus*, but in his own words and following Carr and Holtz
(both separately), this is a junior synonym of *T. bataar*. To clarify, my
use was based on some latent ideas that there were some valid reasons for
recognizing *efremovi* as the valid species and *bataar* as the synonym,
but reviewing the lit preovides the opposite story, and had nothing to do
with considering *efremovi* as a valid species apart from *bataar*.

  In 1955 (a), Maleyev named *Tyrannosaurus bataar* in a short
publication. In the next issue (1955b), he named *Tarbosaurus efremovi*
(as well as new *Gorgosaurus* species *G. lancinator* and *G. novojilovi*,
the latter which Carpenter designated *Maleevosaurus* but previouslt had
been considered a species of *Tarbosaurus*), based on what are now
juvenile remains. These have since been synonymized by general means
("they seem similar, you see some features in the series in albertosaurs,
they are most likely the same, *poof*! they are synonymized", e.g.,
Rozhdestvensky [1965]); by taxonomic synonymy, the oldest species is
*bataar*, and the onldest genus available is *Tarbosaurus*, resulting in
the new combination, *Tarbosaurus bataar* (= *T. efremovi*). Maleyev,
perhaps pridefully, did not recognize Rozhdestvensky's work on synonymy,
and the great monograph descrbing these was published posthumously in
1974; Yevgeny Aleskandrovich Maleyev died the year after Rozhdestvensky's
synonymy was published. All other workers on Mongolian taxa in the past,
including Currie, regard the entire complex as being one species, as well
as Dale Russell and Tom Carr, and we have heard from list members who work
on tyrannosaurs the same thing. All is left is to hear what Hurum's
current work suggests.

Maleyev, Ye.A. 1955a. [Giant carnivorous dinosaurs of Mongolia]. _Doklady,
Akedemii Nauk, USSR 104 (4): 634-637.

Maleyev, Ye.A. 1955b. [New carnivorous dinosaurs from the Upper Cretaceous
of Mongolia]. _Doklady, Akedemii Nauk, USSR 104 (5): 779-783.

Rozhdestvensky, A.K. 1965. [Age revision and some problems of systematics
of Asian dinosaurs]. Palyeontologicheskiy Zhurnal_ [1965] 3: 95-109.


Jaime A. Headden

  Little steps are often the hardest to take.  We are too used to making leaps 
in the face of adversity, that a simple skip is so hard to do.  We should all 
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