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More JP 4 Items

from the darkhorizons site

Talking with the Hollywood Reporter, Jeff Goldblum recently hinted about
his involvement in the fourth film and confirmed he has "a very good
chance to be returning in JP4" alongside Sam Neill and possibly Vince
Vaughn. At present the film is at "drawing board stage and Steven and Mr.
Moehan are busy writing the script prepping it to make sure it is
perfect", whilst what he's read so far "takes a more sci-fi approach with
some science thrown in to make it more enjoyable". There's also hints at
what creatures we can expect "Steven has told me that my old nemesis, the
T-rex will be back, possibly along with the Dilophosaur, that venom
spitting one and get this, maybe even a water dino, a Mososaur, or
something like that".