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Book launch (was: 'Dem wacky smugglers (on Oz TV))

Er...this just in from John Long:

Hi guys,

no fancy printed paper this time round, just good ol fashioned email!
If anyone else wanst to coem, no worries-just pass this on and make sure
they RSVP-this is essential.
Hope you can all come



 The Dinosaur Dealers
by Dr John Long

 To be launched by Associate Professor Ian Dadour,
 Director, Forensic Science Unit, UWA

 WEDNESDAY 27 November at 6.00 pm
 Subiaco Library, (Cnr Bagot & Rokeby Rds)
 237 Rokeby Road, Subiaco

 The international trade in stolen fossils is a multi - million dollar
 industry. In October 1996 rare dinosaur footprints were stolen from an
 isolated beach near Broome in Western Australia. Australian
 palaeontologist John Long teams up with specialist US fossil cop Sgt Steve

 Their hunt for the missing fossils will take them around Australia ,
 Europe and the US

This book is a tie-in with the  TV documentary series by Alley Kat
Productions and Electric Pictures (of Fremantle) and will be  be screened
on SBS on Nov 17th and Nov 24th at 8.30 pm.

 For more book info, click on link below.

 RSVP essential, please phone  9381 5088 or email