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Re: The Final Days


I wasn't referring to "crocodiles" (attacks on humans are indeed widely
documented). I was referring to the false gharial (_Tomistoma schlegelii_)
which has a very longirostrine snout. This was the focus of the discussion
on whether such longirostrine archosaurs were fish specialists or not. And
yes, there have been "reports" that _Tomistoma_ attack humans, although I've
not seen confirmed evidence of those reports. _Tomistoma_ in Indonesia are
often confused with other crocodiles, typically salties (_C. porosus_) which
definitely attack people.

Adam Britton

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> Adam Britton Wrote
> > and larger crocs can take moderate
> > sized mammals (monkeys, even small deer - these crocs get to 18 feet
> > and their jaws become pretty robust). There are even reports of them
> > attacking humans (emphasis on "reports"!).
> How about "reports" accompanied by photographs?  I can't post the photo,
> here's the caption:  "Far outweighing a human being. an adult crocodile,
> such as this Indopacific Crocodile captured in Sumatra, is quite capable
> taking a fully grown man or woman.  The dismembered remains recovered from
> it's stomach are evidence of the crocodile's skill in reducing it's prey
> a managable size, often by literally shaking it's victim to pieces."
> shows a human torso and two legs laying on the beach beside a dead croc
> about 16 feet long, while a young man hauls  a human arm out of the croc's
> split open belly, and another pokes the croc with the preverbial 10 foot
> pole.  Crowd of horrified onlookers in the background, many holding both
> hands over their mouth, nose and  face.  Several other "reports" in a
> chapter devoted to the subject in:  "Crocodiles and Alligators"
> Editor Charles A Ross,  Facts on File,  New York  1989.  -  Bill
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