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Re: dinosaur table-your opinion

Hi all, and hi Vladimir,
I thought this wasn't a "private" topic, so I took the liberty to forward it
to the Dinosaur Mailing List, to which I'd recommend you to subscribe - if
you're not already member.
Go to http://www.psych.ucsb.edu/~rowe/dinosaur/DML.html and just follow the
I'm not that good for the dates -:p- so if some members have further
comments... But all this is very subjective.
Comments in the text.

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Subject: dinosaur table-your opinion

> Good day!
> I'm a dinosaur enthusiast and I'd be very grateful for any
> comment. I have made a table of most important dinosaur finds and I'd
> like you to check it and say what you think about it. Thank you in
> advance.
> a) 1822-1870
> 1._Archaeopteryx lithographica_
> 2._Iguanodon bernissartensis_
> 3._Hypsilophodon fooxi_

It's _Hypsilophodon foxii_

> b) 1870-1910
> 1._Apatosaurus excelsus_ as *Brontosaurus excelsus* (since of its
> popularity, a synonyme for any big animal)
> 2._Tyrannosaurus rex_
> 3._Diplodocus carnegii_(the longest known dinosaur for a long time)

and _Coelophysis bauri_ ...

> c) 1910-1950
> 1._Velociraptor mongoliensis_
> 2._Oviraptor philoceratops_
> 3._Giraffatitan brancai_ as _Brachiosaurus brancai_(the largest known
> dinosaur for a long time)
> d) 1950-1990
> 1._Deinonychus antirrhopus_(supported relationships between birds and
> dinosaurs)
> 2._Seismosaurus hallorum_(changed our thoughts about dinosaur size)
> 3._Mononykus olecranus_(unique alvarezsaurid with a single
> claw-showed us morphological variability in theropods)

Don't forget _Herrerasaurus_, a very basal dinosaur, in 1963

> e) 1990-2002
> 1.all feathered dinosaurs
> 2._P. mongoliensis_, individual with tail bristles (first evidence of
> these structures in ornithischians)
> 3._Bambiraptor feinbergorum_ (largest EQ among dinosaurs-5.8)
> 4._Suchomimus tenerensis_
> 5._Nomingia gobiensis_ (known to have pygostyle)
> 6.) all "polar" dinosaurs (once living behind the polar circle)

and _Paralititan_, and...
Did you check
and http://www.dinodata.net/Dd/Namelist/dinopage.htm ?

> Once again, thank you for any
> comment.

Cheers - Aspidel