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Re: Publication Practices

In a message dated 11/19/02 11:09:54 PM EST, qilongia@yahoo.com writes:

<< I just want to add something, regarding those practices I have ranted
 against (I admit it) in the last few days, and then I will be done myself.
 The mere practice of creating duplicate documents and distributing them
 freely does not in fact constitute publication, or even the creation of a
 permanent record. >>

Oh, but it does. Even according to ICZN rules. To be on the safe side, you 
could send or sell copies to a number of major academic libraries both 
foreign and domestic. This would help to add your publication to the 
permanent scientific record. I always set aside a certain number of copies of 
Mesozoic Meanderings, for example, for libraries to purchase.

<<If I were to, say, diagnose a new taxon (call it
 "Smithosaurus") and print it out all nice and pretty and wordy and stuff,
 and then distribute this to a _1000_ people, I would not have published
 that document.>>

Why not? This is >exactly< what the JVP does for those who have submitted 
papers to it, for example. How is what you do any different from what JVP 

<< The same goes for reviewing manuscripts _for_ publication;
 no matter the number, the manuscript does not constitute a publication.>>

No, manuscripts are not publications. Then, however, you're not distributing 
or selling manuscripts freely to any and all--you're not supposed to be, 
anyway. You're preparing a work for publication.