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Have just heard from Paul Barrett that his paper on the 
Purbeck 'granicones' is now out. I don't have a reference 
though (does this mean that the Purbeck special volume has 
appeared?). Most recently Barrett and Clark (at SVPCA 
Portsmouth) proposed that the granicones were from a 
helodermatid but more recent finds have shown this to be 
incorrect. I don't want to 'announce' the new identity 
without seeing the paper first but the ID I was told about 
means that the granicones are certainly not of dinosaurian 

Have seen on the newswires a story about a new Cretaceous 
plesiosaur specimen found in South Australia and being 
worked on by Ben Kear. The articles also mention a Ben 
McHenry who is also involved with the specimen. I assume 
this isn't a jumbled reference to our own beloved Colin. 
Does anyone know otherwise?

Darren Naish
School of Earth & Environmental Sciences
University of Portsmouth UK, PO1 3QL

email: darren.naish@port.ac.uk
tel: 023 92846045