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Geoworld "T-rex" model

This is a preliminary report on a new vinyl specimen of "T-rex" I
glimpsed at the California Academy of Sciences museum store.  I was able
to obtain the "T-rex" skull for study, but have not had access to the
complete skeletal material, which is currently housed in a corrugated
cardboard container at the museum.

The skull measures some 15.5 cm in length and is in reasonable
condition.  Sutures and other details are well preserved.  Oddly, the
lower jaw appears to be too short for the associated cranium, and it is
mounted improperly, perhaps in an effort to keep the two from falling
apart, as the correct jaw joint configuration is not especially strong.
The reconstructed jaw thus does not look as robust as it truly should.
Aside from this, the skull looks quite good.

Nothing much can be said about the skeleton at this time, except to
point out that it is in 54 pieces, requires no cement or framework for
assembly, and it will measure 110 cm long when complete.  The rendering
on the case looks to be of standard museum quality, which is to say that
the mount depicts the animal with its tail off the ground, but that some
details are not quite correct.  For example, I do not know if it has a
furcula.  I would guess that it does not.

It was designed by Geolinea of Italy, and manufactured in China.  The
museum valued it at $110 (plus tax) US.  It is vinyl.  Not real.  I
thought I had better make that clear.

I don't know where else one can find this model.  If you want a glimpse
of it, a distributor's web site shows it at
<www.alpi.net/products/index.cfm?prod_1164>.  This web site will sell
only to retail outlets, not to individuals.  Perhaps they could tell you
if there are any retailers that carry the product somewhere on your

I was thinking that this toy might make a good tax write-off -- I mean
that it could be very educational for classroom use.  That is what I
mean to say.

---------Ralph W. Miller III