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Article on Archaeoraptor hoax and Dinosaur/Tech Geek Toy

In this week's Nature:

"In November 1999, readers of National Geographic magazine were
offered a real treat. The magazine described a fossilized bird from
China with the tail of a dinosaur. The bird was dubbed Archaeoraptor.

The following year, Archaeoraptor was found to be a clever forgery. 

It was a neat matching of one or more fossils of an unknown species
of bird with the fossil tail of a tiny Velociraptor-like dinosaur. 

Now researchers have identified the fake's front end. It belongs to
the species Yanornis martini, say Zhonge Zhou of the Institute of
Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Beijing, China, and
colleagues. It was discovered through a different specimen last year"

(This is in the free daily news section)

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Toni Geoly
Falls Church, VA

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