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RE: Article on Archaeoraptor hoax and Dinosaur/Tech Geek Toy

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> Now researchers have identified the fake's front end. It belongs to
> the species Yanornis martini, say Zhonge Zhou of the Institute of
> Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Beijing, China, and
> colleagues. It was discovered through a different specimen last year
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> I thought it was what Czerkas et al. described as
> *Archaeovolans*? Which name
> has priority?

_Yanornis martini_ has priority over "Achaeovolans", since the former was
named last year.

The technical article in Nature is:
Zhou, Z., J.A. Clarke & F. Zhang. 2002. _Archaeoraptor_'s better half.
Nature 420: 285.

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