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Re: New issue of Paleontology

Stephan Pickering wrote:
>   Re: the Chure/Alain effort to rescue Poecilopleuron
bucklandii and to bury Megalosaurus bucklandii: the
effort is a surprise, considering R. Alain's indebtedness to Sam Welles's
thorough osteological comparisons of all of the hypodigms. I have Sam's
length description (albeit based on the 1838 mss.) of the French taxon, to
be sure, appearing in my in-progress Mutanda Dinosaurologica (where
Megalosaurus is a senior synonymn of Poecilopleuron<
Regardless of how much the late Sam Welles' work helped Alain, it does not
mean that he should just agree with everything that Welles ever did. Chure
and Alain have not just looked at what Welles said about the specimen, but
looked at it themselves, and that should be certainly count for something.
The science of paleontology isn't doing nomenclatural favors. Otherwise, if
we discarded what people have done recently with specimens, and just relied
only on older works, we'd have 10s of species of Megalosaurus, and Iguanadon
with a horn on its nose. The work of those who have gone before us is indeed
important, but we shouldn't discard recent science based on personal views:
otherwise we're in the same boat as the ABSRDists.

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