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Re: Geoworld "T-rex" model

I actually picked up the skull model myself at the Mall of America in the
Discovery Channel store (if I remember correctly; it might have been a
different store)...as I suspected, the skull was a cheaper version of
another skull sculpture by Joe Tippman that is available as a sculpture for
a few hundred dollars, and the same is probably true of the skeleton (a
cheaper version of a skeleton by Joe Tippman that sells for something like
$1500 if I remember correctly).

Hopefully Joe is getting paid for this...!

Anyway, I do have the original skull sculpture that this new model is based
on. In my opinion, the original sculpture is (as one would expect) much
better than the new model (although I'm not entirely crazy about the
original sculpture either). The new model I bought didn't quite fit together
right; even when all the holes and slots were lined up properly, the
premaxillary was not lining up with the maxillaries properly at all. The
paint job and finish on the new model is also really kind of shoddy, and I
can vouch for the kind of poor decision the model makers made on how the
mandible is attached to the skull. The mandible itself was warped and I
don't think it would have been the right shape even if it hadn't been
warped. On the other hand, this model is far cheaper than the original

In my opinion the skeletal model might make a good base for a customized
model, if you have the time, interest, and know-how to pull it off. So it's
kind of a hobbyists' project, if you want to take on the challenge.

Personally, I like the skeletal models available at
http://www.dinostoreus.com/ better, although there are also some accuracy
problems with those.

-Chris Srnka