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Re: Geoworld "T-rex" model

Well...... I bought the skull to this guy months ago at the Houston Museum of 
Nat History. So, this with other posts about it, gives ya the implication that 
this model is here and there and every where.

As for the skull itself.... yes, it's kinda messed up. So, I decided to make an 
attempt at fixing it. Using some brass pins and etc to try and get the maxilla 
in the right spot, and a new paint job, I mounted the skull elevated above a 
large fossil Exogrya that I found on the shore of the Tombigbee River in 
Columbus, MS. Looks kinda cool. With the mouth open as I have it, you really 
can't tell how disproportioned the lower jaw is relative to the rest of the 
skull. I'll take a picture of it and post it on my one "Various Photos" website 
some time this week. It's not the greatest looking thing in the world, but, it 
didn't take that much work and it's better than it was just out of the box.