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hello to all list members

I just joined the list and would like to say hello to all its
members. I'm a student of biology and history (strange combination?)
and from my 4 years I'm interested in "everything older than 65 Ma",
esp. if it belongs to the group Dinosauria. Although (as I hope) I do
have a better knowledge of these things than "an average human", I
probably won't be posting much here. That's mainly because of my bad
english, which I studied on the basic and high school for five years,
but already had forgoten much of that. I hope you'll forgive me any
incidental grammatical mistakes. Important thing is to join the club,
isn't it? As I was reading through the archives of DML I understood
you're a group of nice people interested in paleontology and I'm
really happy to be among you. Thanks.

P.S. System had some problems with reading my name during
subscription, it's Vladimír Socha. Perhaps it won't be figured

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