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Re: hello to all list members

Welcome to the DML,  Vladimir!

Todd Marshall

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From: "Vladimír Socha" <Seismosaurus@seznam.cz>
To: <dinosaur@usc.edu>
Sent: Thursday, November 21, 2002 1:20 PM
Subject: hello to all list members

> I just joined the list and would like to say hello to all its
> members. I'm a student of biology and history (strange combination?)
> and from my 4 years I'm interested in "everything older than 65 Ma",
> esp. if it belongs to the group Dinosauria. Although (as I hope) I do
> have a better knowledge of these things than "an average human", I
> probably won't be posting much here. That's mainly because of my bad
> english, which I studied on the basic and high school for five years,
> but already had forgoten much of that. I hope you'll forgive me any
> incidental grammatical mistakes. Important thing is to join the club,
> isn't it? As I was reading through the archives of DML I understood
> you're a group of nice people interested in paleontology and I'm
> really happy to be among you. Thanks.
> P.S. System had some problems with reading my name during
> subscription, it's Vladimír Socha. Perhaps it won't be figured
> correctly.
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