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Re: Harris' Hawks and Cheetahs

I think there is one other bit of  "evidence".... Evidence for what 
exactly?.... I have no idea.... But.... for those of you who went to SVP and to 
the Sam Noble Nat. History Museum, you saw a mount of  two *Deinonychus* 
attacking an adult and 3 juvie *Tenontosaurus*. Now, the funny thing is that 
this particular mount is based, not off of the Ostrom/Maxwell Montana find, 
but, from a death assembledge found in Oklahoma's Panhandle. I took a photo or 
two of the mount, including a pic of a drawing made about the taphonomy of the 
site. It looks hauntingly similar to the Ostrom/Maxwell Montana site. This is 
when you tilt your head sideways and really wonder what is going on here. I 
guess this can be something else I toss onto my one website.....