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was Re: hello to all list members and Breviparopus taghbaloutensis size

On 21 November 2002, raymond McAllister, <dinodivr@bellsouth.net>

> Hey Vlad,
> Your English is better than some Americans. We just want your ideas and
> reports so DO post when you have an opinion or question.
> Welcome aboard
> Ray McAllister
> dinodivr@bellsouth.net
> (954) 426-0808
Thank you, that's nice to hear. I'll post always when I'll have the
feeling I should give my opinion or ask a question. I have one
actually. Has anyone calculated the actual size of *Breviparopus
taghbaloutensis* known only from its giant (115 x 50 cm) footsteps?
I've read it could even be the largest dinosaur ever. I know it's
just ichnotaxon, but the size of its foot indicates much. 
Hope my first query here wasn't too dumb.  

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