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Archaeoraptor hoax and Albisaurus

These posts are unrelated, but to save time (and bandwidth) I'm combining

> _Yanornis martini_ has priority over "Achaeovolans", since the former
> was named last year.

There is a real possibility that all three of the non-avian theropod genera
named in the Czerkas volume will eventually be sunk:  _Archaeovolans_ =
_Yanornis_, _Cryptovolans_ = _Microraptor_, and _Scansoriopteryx_ =
_Epidendrosaurus_.  This last mooted synonomy may be the most contentious,
and require some ICZN involvement since the issue of nomenclatural priority
appears to be open to interpretation in this case. 

> A. scutifer and A. albinus are not 
> quite synonyms, but if they are, A. albinus has priority (if I recall 
> correctly). 

As I understand it, _Albisaurus scutifer_ is a junior objective synonym of
_Iguanodon albinus_; as Vladimir said, when Fritsch renamed the genus he
renamed the species too.  (This, BTW, is a no-no; except in cases - such as
the proposed synonymy of _Megalosaurus bucklandii_ and _Poekilopleuron
bucklandii_ in which the species names are identical.  In this situation,
the latter was renamed _Megalosaurus poikilopleuron_, or something similar.)

In any case, _Albisaurus_ is based on indeterminate scrap, and is only of
historical interest.  AFAIK _Albisaurus_ and _Iguanodon exogirarum_ are the
only putative dinosaurs named from the Czech Republic (formerly
Czechoslovakia; part of the Habsburg empire at the time of _Albisaurus_'
discovery.)  Taxonomically, both species are junk.