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Re: Albisaurus

In a message dated 11/22/02 9:29:09 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
Seismosaurus@seznam.cz writes:

<< No recent study has been published on this one. All I have is a good
 old _Friè, A.: Studie v oboru èeského útvaru køídového, VI. Teplické
 vrstvy, Praha, 1889_, where the genus *Albisaurus* is mentioned for
 the first time, species is *A. scutifer*. Friè himself than
 recognised resemblance of the phalang (?) to that of _Iguanodon
 bernissartensis_ and changed both generic and specific names. In
 aforementioned publication it's noted as: Albisaurus scutifer Fr.
 (=Iguanodon ? Albinus Friè). This is available info, but it's not the
 matter of my deepest interest, so I even may be wrong...  >>

Every so often in the historical dinosaurology business something comes out 
of left field that throws a whole lot of things out of kilter. To wit, the 
above reference. I've never seen this work cited; it's not in the Chure & 
McIntosh bibliography; and it conflicts with the references that I have seen 
on Iguanodon albinus. So--I'll be happy to trade you a copy of Mesozoic 
Meanderings #3 for a photocopy of this paper. By the way, I assume "Friè, A." 
is some email misprint for the Czech version of the spelling of Fritsch's 
name (the latter being the German version).