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Re: Albisaurus

On 23 November 2002, <Dinogeorge@aol.com> wrote:

> In a message dated 11/22/02 9:29:09 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
> Seismosaurus@seznam.cz writes:
> << No recent study has been published on this one. All I have is a good
>  old _Frič, A.: Studie v oboru českého útvaru křídového, VI. Teplické
>  vrstvy, Praha, 1889_, where the genus *Albisaurus* is mentioned for
>  the first time, species is *A. scutifer*. Frič himself than
>  recognised resemblance of the phalang (?) to that of _Iguanodon
>  bernissartensis_ and changed both generic and specific names. In
>  aforementioned publication it's noted as: Albisaurus scutifer Fr.
>  (=Iguanodon ? Albinus Frič). This is available info, but it's not the
>  matter of my deepest interest, so I even may be wrong...  >>
> Every so often in the historical dinosaurology business something comes out 
> of left field that throws a whole lot of things out of kilter. To wit, the 
> above reference. I've never seen this work cited; it's not in the Chure & 
> McIntosh bibliography; and it conflicts with the references that I have seen 
> on Iguanodon albinus. So--I'll be happy to trade you a copy of Mesozoic 
> Meanderings #3 for a photocopy of this paper. By the way, I assume "Frič, A." 
> is some email misprint for the Czech version of the spelling of Fritsch's 
> name (the latter being the German version).

OK, I'll contact you offlist, if you like. Antonín Frič was a czech,
so his name is ending with -č. However, he lived in the time of
Austrian (Habsburk) monarchy, and at that time, almost every
scientific work was written in german language. And he accomodated
his name to Fritsch, so that it would be more easy to read for (Wien)
germans. Pronounciation is almost the same. 

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