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Fw: Mr. Linden > Linnaeus > von =?unknown?q?Linn=E9?=

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> >   Sorta like how Carl von Linné, a Swede, got transformed into Carolus 
> > Linnaeus to suit the (at the time) convention of formal Latin _everything_ 
> > in science.

> Looks like this occurred to his father or an earlier ancestor -- in church, 
> not science.

Not really. It seems "Linnaeus" was the father's own invention. He'd had a 
first name and a patronymic before, but no surname:

"It is commonly thought that Linnaeus changed his name from Linné to the Latin 
form as required in naming plants; however, the reverse is true. 'Before the 
eighteenth century many Swedish peasants did not possess family surnames; each 
added to the baptismal name the genitive of the father's name with the suffix 
-son (son) or -dotter (daughter) according to sex. Thus Linnaeus's father was 
Nils Ingermarsson'(Stearn, 1966). His father took Linnaeus as his last name the 
Swedish name of the Lind tree, which grew on their property."


Piotr Gasiorowski