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Re: New Refs: The Condor & the ongoing problem of nomina dubia

REPLY: No, there is not...just as there is no
scientifically valid way of looking at an isolated
bone, and, aside from plesiomorphic similarities to
other specimens, extrapolating the ecomorphologies of
the entire animal. It may make for pages in a journal
being covered with type, but the fact remains, e.g.,
that an isolated, single humerus is just that: it may
be similar to a reasonably complete skeleton with
humeri so as to provide a template of speculation, yet
the humerus should not be given a scientific name.
This new humerus is a nomen dubium.
--- Bruce Woollatt <brucewoollatt@hotmail.com> wrote:

<html><div style='background-color:'><DIV>
<P>So, how does one determine remige length in
extinct, volant birds for which there are no feather
impressions? Is there a way to determine this just by
looking at the wing bones of a particular
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