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Re: Conventional scientific writing (was Linnaeus --> von Linne [was RE: Albisaurus])

Reading the discussion about how to transliterate languages showed me the
virtue of using a single language for publication.  At one time that was
Latin; nowadays I expect English could assume that role, and may well be
doing so.

Forgive a moment for a story:  my high school Latin teacher was Rick
O'Flynn, a man born in Ireland who as a boy looked out his window into the
burning Dublin Post Office at Easter.  He went to Heidelberg among other
Universities and had a philosophy class whose Professor found himself
dealing with students with 6 different native languages.  But everyone in
the room knew Latin, so the course was taught in that language.

The point, aside from remembering an admirable man, is that using a common
language is not a sacrifice of a culture, but a means to assure that what is
said is understood as intended.