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Re: New Refs: The Condor & the ongoing problem of nomina dubia

So I suppose I couldn't say that a maxilla from the Hell Creek that was
obviously from Tyrannosaurus was actually a Tyrannosaurus maxilla, because
it is isolated. Or how about a Ceratosaurus lacrimal? Or a Stegosaurus tail
spike from the Morrison? If I find a dentary that is totally edentulous,
except for three teeth sticking out from the caudal portion perpendicular to
the jawline, and is a meter and a half long, and I an demonstrate that it is
undistorted, is it still worthless to describe and name it? There is a line:
not all isolated elements/incomplete remains are worthless, you just have to
spend the time looking at them to find what makes them unique. Obviously,
not all scrap is like that, but its pretty unscientific to write off
everything less than a perfect specimen because of personal feelings.

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