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* Scientists protest cutbacks * Dino Experts Give Relics * Dinosaur discoverer takes honour * A star is hatched *

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The headlines:

**  Scientists protest cutbacks at dinosaur research park
Administrators at the fabled Dinosaur National Monument have decided to
eliminate one paleontologist's job and redefine the other

**  Dinosaur tracks set to receive $500,000
The federal government soon will release $500,000 to St. George so the city
can preserve an extraordinary source of dinosaur traces

**  Utah Dino Experts Give Relics to Idaho Museum
Donated dinosaur relics are beefing up the Museum of Idaho's new wing, just
in time for a new exhibit set to open in February

**  A star is hatched
Museum's new feathered dinosaur model illustrates giant lizards' link to


**  Puzzle from the past
Carter didn't know then that his student's discovery would eventually change
the way the world thinks about certain prehistoric creatures

**  Carnegie Museum Wants Dinosaur Expansion
Carnegie Museum officials say they have a 10-year plan to add more parking,
more office space and more room for their famous collection of dinosaur

**  'Nessie' dinosaur found in SA
They have been forced to operate by stealth, covertly digging up fossils
before they are taken by dinosaur dealers

**  Missing Piece of Faked Fossil Identified
A fossil once hailed as the missing link between dinosaurs and birds and
later found to be a fake is mainly the remains of an extinct bird

**  Dinosaur discoverer takes honour
A grazier from Winton, in central Queensland, who found Australia's largest
dinosaur, says he is surprised and honoured after taking out a major
Australian of the Year Award

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