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Project Exploration relaunches website and PE STORE

New from Project Exploration:

Project Exploration has relaunched its website - and just launched the PE 

Our website has been reorganized to put more emphasis on kids' work,
materials for teachers, and to allow us to bring new projects to light
more quickly. You can still make a donation online - but now you can
also use our online store to order fossil casts, teaching materials and
even glow-in the dark t-shirts!  You can even use the PE Image Gallery
to send an online postcard of your favorite expedition photo:

In the upcoming weeks visit <www.projectexploration.org> to learn about
our Sisters4Science Leadership Training in Wisconsin, the results of our
first College Weekend for PE kids and families.... and the annoucement
of an upcoming Chicago exhibit that will knock your paleo-socks off!

We are reaching more than 50,000 people a month in more than 14
countries around the world. If you have suggestions about the site send
them to us!

Gabrielle Lyon
Executive Director
Project Exploration
950 E. 61st Street
Chicago, IL 60637
f. 773.834.ROCK (7625)
Project Exploration. Using the wonders of science to inspire city kids
and girls.