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RE: Albisaurus... and Shuvuuia... and Cryptovolans

> I was also surprised by HP Tim Villiams' idea.
> Obviously, _Cryptovolans_ was much longer, up to 80 cm, with a tail up
> to 50 cm (60 with the feathers); _Microraptor_'s lenght is estimated 
> about 55 cm by Hwang et al.(2002); they list about 26 caudals in 
> _Microraptor_, and Czerkas & Czerkas estimate the number of 
> _Cryptovolans_ caudals up to 28 at least.

_Cryptovolans_ will have to be re-described in order to determine its true
affinities; the original description is (sadly) quite deficient in this
respect.  I was alluding to the possibility that _Cryptovolans_ may prove to
be a species of _Microraptor_ (or another basal dromie genus), not
synonymous with _Microraptor zhaoianus_.

> Hey, I received this identical message from Jim way back on November 6. 
>I  know, because I still have the Nov 6 message in my mailbox. So--is 
> this a repost, or has something happened to cause a listserv somewhere 
> to spit out fresh copies of old posts? 

I received a few old messages too.  Dunno what's going on.

Gotta run...

Tim Villiams