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Re: [...] Breviparopus taghbaloutensis size

David Marjanovic wrote:
> > Has anyone calculated the actual size of *Breviparopus
> > taghbaloutensis* known only from its giant (115 x 50 cm) footsteps?
> I've read 48 m somewhere, only surpassed by the most extreme estimates for
> *Seismosaurus* and *Amphicoelias fragillimus*. No idea if a diplodocid,
> brachiosaurid or whatever was assumed.

Prints only 1.15m? Nothing compared to the 1.7m tracks known from
Western Australia! Of course, who knows what forces may have acted to
change the size of the tracks. Perhaps the feet were caked in mud? Or
the tracks may have filled with water, causing the sides to partially


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