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NEW BOOK: Mesozoic Birds

Dear Dinosaur Mailing List: 

The University of California Press has just published a new 500-page book on 
Mesozoic birds (http://go.ucpress.edu/mesozoicbirds)

Mesozoic Birds: Above the Heads of Dinosaurs
Edited by Luis M. Chiappe and Lawrence M. Witmer (Witmer is a subscriber to 
this list)

The book covers a wide range of topics, including discussions of avian origins, 
the fossil record of feathers and footprints, bone histology, and locomotor 
evolution. Controversial taxa such as Protoavis, Caudipteryx, and Mononykus 
receive special treatment. But the heart of the volume presents the anatomy, 
relationships, and paleobiology of the undisputed Mesozoic aviary. 

The complete table of contents (which names the authors of each chapter) is 
available online: http://go.ucpress.edu/mesozoicbirds

I am sending this message with the permission of list editor Mickey Rowe.

Laura Driussi, Digital Rights and Electronic Marketing Manager
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