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Re: Prehistoric Plankton Predators (PPP for short)

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Subject: Re: Prehistoric Plankton Predators (PPP for short)

>  "Dino Rampage"  wrote:
> Leopard Seals are the top predetors under the Antarctic Ice, feeding on
> Emperor and Adelie Penguins.  I don't think that they feed on krill at

Actually, Leopard Seals have very diverse diets.  Although seals and
penguins are a favorite food, along the Antarctic Peninsula are a key prey
species.  They also eat a variety of fish, all species of penguins in their
range, squid, juvenile Souther Elephant Seals, diving and cape petrals.  In
fact one individual killed near Sydney Australia had an adult Platypus in
it's stomach.  This information is paraphrased from the National Audobon
Society Guide to Marine Mammals of the World.

Off topic but informative I hope

Jonathan Schmidt