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Re: Roadkills

Yes.  Using computer scans, unsharp masks, 3-D, and color mapping of
prediscovery aerial photographs of the area around L'Anse aux Meadows,
Newfoundland, I found a previously undocumented room on Hall 'F' of the
old Norse settlement (the Vinland settlement).  The room has since been
added to the Parks Canada reconstructions of the site.  A bit closer to
home, using the same technique, with 3-D, I've been able to see texture
marks on the 'soles' of one set of pterosaur manus prints.  I expect
they exist on others as well.

Jim Cunningham

David Peters wrote:
> Dear List Members:

> Has anyone else discovered something important in a photograph that was
> not obvious to the naked eye or microscope?
> David Peters