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Turok Movie - sort of...


...In the meantime, [Adam] Beach is hoping to further expand the portrayal
of Indians on the screen.

With pal Hayden Christensen ("Star Wars: Episode II -- Attack of the
Clones" ) as producer, he's working on adapting the computer game and
comic book "Turok: Dinosaur Hunter" for the screen.

"There's a new 'Turok' where he's a college student," Beach says. "His
uncle has died, and he learns about the responsibilities of a Turok and
jumps into it when his family is threatened. A Turok is a warrior who is
the protector of Earth from other dimensions. It's a place called the Lost
World, and in that Lost World, they're trying to defeat the one enemy who
wants to consume all of the worlds. Turok is the warrior on Earth who is
fighting these people.

" His duty is to get these dinosaur beings ... and send them back to their
own world."