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Re: Mongolian Transcription (Bataar vs. Baatar)

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Subject: Re: Mongolian Transcription (Bataar vs. Baatar)

> This is very interesting, as it shows that the Russian word for a heroic 
> warrior, "bogatyr," and the Mongolian word for the same, "baatar," are 
> closely related. In Russian the "gh" was apparently not dropped but actually 
> hardened to a "g."

Yes, it's the same word, and it can be found as a cultural loan across Central 
Asia and eastern Europe, from Hindi (bahâdur 'brave, gallant') to Polish 
(bohater 'hero', from Ukrainian bohatyr) and Hungarian (bátor 'fearless'). Its 
sheer geographical range testifies to the power of the Mongolians in the Middle 
Ages. Sorry for even more linguistic stuff, but since I'm actually a linguist, 
the temptation to explain it all is just too strong :)