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Re: Harris' Hawks and Cheetahs

Lions will occasionally attack Cape buffalo if they are desperate enough, and sometimes get killed in the process, but buffalo don't constitute their main prey species. We could be seeing extremes of behaviour fossilised here, rather than the norm.

Not exactly. Some lion prides actually specialise in hunting these dangerous bovines, with a remarkable degree of success. What amazes me is that no 2 prides are alike. A particular pride may hunt baboons, while another may not even bother with the primates. Lions are extremely versatile hunters, preying on whatever large & medium prey available, whether it is wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, warthog, impala, oryx, waterbuck, topi, hartebeest, sable, gazelle, kob, lechwe, baboon, giraffe, even elephant & hippo.

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