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Back, sorta

Hey. I was on this list awhile ago, but had to unsub for personal reasons.

Anyway, my quest to be a paleontologist has been given new vigor, but since
education is so expensive up here in Alberta (especially for a 19 year old
with no assets) I need to get student funding, which requires me to do a
career profile, which means I need three people in the "industry" (yeah
right. =P) to answer the following questions:

What you like most and least about your work:

What are the hours of work:

Where are the places of work:

What kind of mobility is needed:

What are the health and safety concerns:

What kind of salary can one expect to start:

After 5 years:

Yes, I know most of the answers to these, but the government insists I talk
to people in the field and since I'm currently not aquanted with any
paleontologists or students in the U of A's program, I'd appreciate some
extra input.

Also, naturally, to conserve the bandwidth on this list for more relevent
traffic, anyone who wants to help me out here may do so by responding to my
email address at darklord@compusmart.ab.ca rather than the list.

Thank you in advance.