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Re: did mosasaurs echolocate? (short!)

> (and the cave swiftlet)

What's that in scientific?

> crocs,
> similarly, have developed organs similar to the selachian ampullae of
> Lorenzini in their skin, but this is akin to the sense of touch, and does
> not help the croc hunt prey (but does to help navigate in some cases).

They do help them hunt prey. That's how they were discovered.

> Cetaceans, despite their mean body size, have very large eyes with acute
> vision, and it is a problem [for me, anyway] to refer to their eyesight
> being poor because of the ratio of the size of the eye to its gross
> weight.

I probably overemphasized this, and underemphasized allometry... and I 
started from the assumption that, as mammals, whales don't have good color 
vision and don't rely too much on their eyes. But in the water where 
everything that's not very close is blue anyway this may not matter. And of 
course I haven't read anything about what whales can see. :-)