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I'm back inside.. And I want Oviraptoridae info:):)

And this time it's not a sorry hotmail account, that crashes after a certain 
ammount of messages, but my univ. account, which should last longer, And be 
checked more frequently. You guys have NO idea (or maybe you have:) how it is 
to try to keep updated on the dino front, using Google.com, and a slight 
diversity of webpages that are never updated;)

Talking of never updated webpages, i have about 60 images to be added to my 
webpage, but.. not now, not tomorrow, and probably not even the next month. But 
soon, so for those who actually check into my webpage and are frustrated over 
the fact that it has remained unchanged the last (lemme see...) ?5 months, I 
havent forgotten about it:)

These days I am (for the XXth time) re-doing Oviraptorid skulls and skeletons, 
so if Anyone could help me with skeletons of the following species I'd 
appreciate it a huge lot:
Oviraptor mongoliensis

And i got a rather difficult question..
Some years ago i got thrilled beyond anything for finding a reconstruction of a 
skull that was named Oviraptor nongoliensis, I've never found it again, and 
I've lost it from my computer, but i printed it out, and it has a _very_ tall 
dome, with some weird vertical opening in the center of the dome, and many 
small openings crowning it, and the lower jaw is deeper than normally in 
Oviraptorosaurids, and the nostril is the smallest i've seen within the family.
Later, I found another skull restoration, of Oviraptor mongoliensis, from 
Headdens site i think, which allso had a upright dome, but not as tall as in 
the first skull picture i found - rather more rounded, and with big typical 
oviraptorosaurian nostrils.
Are there two known skulls assigned to O. mongoliensis? are there more? or is 
there something going on that i should have known of? (it usually is the 

thanx in advance,
and it feels good to be back:)

-Øyvind M. Padron-