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RE: mass extinctions and technology

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> > It is a discipline called
> > "Aktuopaleontologie" in German ("aktuo-" as in "actuary"); in English
> > it is regarded a subdiscipline of taphonomy.
> AFAIK Aktuopaläontologie (as in actualism) is that sort of thing:
> you take a
> dead mosquito, put mud/sand/... around it (with the composition,
> pH etc. you
> are interested in) and squish that for days at high temperatures. Then you
> look what's left of the mosquito. The idea is to mimic fossilization in
> order to see what is preservable and how 2D preservation works. Right? :-)
> There's apparently little published on it.

There is more than you might think; unfortunately, a lot of paleobiologists
don't talk to the taphonomy-types and vice versa.

You might want to start with the following webpage (in German):
Or do a Google search and see what you come up with.

As I mentioned, in the English literature (don't know about the French or
Spanish-language), this discipline is generally not given a distinct name,
so you would have to search for it under taphonomy.

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