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Re: Need help on Deinocheirus & Segnosaur

--- Dino Beast <dino_beast@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Can anyone help on the question regarding Deinocheirus & Segnosaur :
> -  Do Deincheirus classified as Ornithomimidae  ??  Any change on estimation 
> of the size ??

It depends on which definition of _Ornithomimidae_ you use. Sereno uses a
rlatively loose definition which would include _Deinocheirus_, but I think most
other workers would exclude it. See

> -  What is the current classification of Segnosaur ??

You mean _Segnosaurus_? or Segnosauria?

_Segnosaurus_ is classified as a therizinosaurid. See

Segnosauria is a name with no explicit definition, although it has sometimes
been used, more or less, for the group specified by _Therizinosauria_'s
definition: Clade(_Alxasaurus_, _Erlikosaurus_, _Nanshiungosaurus_,
_Segnosaurus_, _Therizinosaurus_ <-- _Oviraptorosauria_, _Ornithomimidae_,

_Therizinosauria_ is commonly seen as the sister group to _Oviraptorosauria_
(sensu ... what's between lato and stricto?), although Sereno places them in
basal _Arctometatarsalia_ (=_Ornithomimosauria_ sensu Sereno). See 

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