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RE: Czerkas' book- Analysis and Criticisms

Tracy Ford wrote:

> Once you get YOUR work published you'll have a better foot to stand on
> with your comments (

I've no doubt Mickey one day will - and he'll expose his work to peer
review, and take the reviewer's comments on board.  

>You never know who just might be reading your SAVED posts).

Exactly right.  Just today I received a message from somebody who reads the
archives, and assumed that the Kinman System for classifying dinosaurs was
an accurate reflection of recent paleontological research.  That was until
this person came across messages refuting Kinman's methodology (in no
uncertain terms), and he realised that it wasn't.  The moral of the story:
in a forum such as the DML, it's constructive to air out opposing views on
certain topics, so people can sort the wool from the chaff themselves.  I
think Mickey's comments were very helpful in that regard.