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Re: I'm back inside.. And I want Oviraptoridae info:):)

Øyvind Padron (padron@stud.ntnu.no) wrote:

<And i got a rather difficult question.. Some years ago i got thrilled
beyond anything for finding a reconstruction of a skull that was named
Oviraptor nongoliensis, I've never found it again, and I've lost it from
my computer, but i printed it out, and it has a _very_ tall dome, with
some weird vertical opening in the center of the dome, and many small
openings crowning it, and the lower jaw is deeper than normally in
Oviraptorosaurids, and the nostril is the smallest i've seen within the
family. Later, I found another skull restoration, of Oviraptor
mongoliensis, from Headdens site i think, which allso had a upright dome,
but not as tall as in the first skull picture i found - rather more
rounded, and with big typical oviraptorosaurian nostrils. Are there two
known skulls assigned to O. mongoliensis? are there more? or is there
something going on that i should have known of? (it usually is the

  Øyvind, since my recon was mentioned, I would reply that mine is a
slight restoration of a skull that showed a good deal of crushing and
erosion of the crest surface, which exaggerates the shape somewhat. This
includes the narial region. My reconstruction is hypothetical, however.
There are not available details on the postcrania, though it is not very


Jaime A. Headden

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