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RE: Czerkas' book- Analysis and Criticisms

Some how the Czerkas' delusion looks atavistic to me:

Andreas Wagner: Did this idiot not say that
Archaeopteryx in no way provided a link between
"reptiles" and birds. He ironically called it a
feathered reptil. 
Gerhard Heilman: He erected a hypothetical Proavis
came close to accepting birds as dinosaurs but then
went out to say this was not so due the issue of the

Both these guys like the Czerkas' argued in the good
old typological fashion!

In paleontology more than other sciences there seems
to be this ocillatory tendency, where, before a
correct view gains currency there is a large lag
phase. As, I think, Planck had said, we have to wait
for these BANDits to die before their falsehoods are

I think most important contribution of the Sinitic
fossils is not the issue of birds being theropods, or
dinosaurs having feathers (good to see the finally)
but the possibility that feathers were derived in the
pre-dinosaurian archosaurs. The pterosaurian fur that
has been coming out of China clearly suggests that
presence of fur was the primitive state for the
pterosaur-dinosaur clade. Some time back someone had
mentioned on the list that Norell had said that all
dinosaurs had feathers. Probably this is very true. A
corollary to this is that the common ancestor of the
dinos and the pteros was endothermic atleast in the
sense of a monotreme. 

Now the dino-ptero clade has given rise to great
aviators twice independently in evolution. The forms
like Scansoriopteryx illustrate that birds did not
arrive at their wing right away, but rather
experimented with many alternative architectures. They
are all quite radically different from the Pterosaurs
wing. So we must admit that there was only a vague
pre-adaptation for flight in the pterosaur-dino
ancestor. And this must have been arboreality. Hence
in a certain sense we have admit a model similar to
that of Dr. Olshevsky. Furry dinosaurs accomodating of
most coelurosaurian clades seem to have burst on the
scene towards the end of the Triassic and continued
without much alteration throughout much of the
Mesozoic as they had already reached the best fits for
their niches as natural selection could provide.

Still it would be great to see the following:
The integument of an eotyrannus-like fellow.
The integument of a small primitive ornithischian
The integument of dinosauromorph.

The past 5 years have really changed the way all of us
have visualized dinosaurs.

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