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Re: Czerkas' book- Analysis and Criticisms

>The pterosaurian fur that has been coming out of China clearly suggests
that presence of fur was the primitive state for the
 pterosaur-dinosaur clade.<
Doesn't this fall apart, if Dave Peter's hypothesis is right, and they don't
share a common ancestor exclusive of all other archosaurs?

> Still it would be great to see the following:
 The integument of an eotyrannus-like fellow.
 The integument of a small primitive ornithischian
 The integument of dinosauromorph.<
Might be difficult, as some basal dinosaurs had scutes...Eoraptor, I've been
told, along with Coelophysis, I know, and Herrerasaurus looks to have the
potential for it (T-shaped neural spines), though that's not conclusive.

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