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Re: Scansoriality in Some Jehol Theropods

Here's the full refs I cited in my paper. I got the dates somewhat wrong.
Incidentally, *Megalancosaurus* has claws of the pes and manus of nearly
equal size which have a shallow ventral curve but a strong dorsal one, and
if the keratin would have approximated this, the claws were of a
scansorial curvature.


Yalden, D.W. 1985. Forelimb function in Archaeopteryx. In The Beginning of
Birds. edited by M.K. Hecht, J.H. Ostrom, G. Viohl & P. Wellnhofer.
Eichstätt. pp 91 - 97

Feduccia, A. 1993. Evidence from Claw Geometry Indicating Arboreal Habits
of Archaeopteryx. Science 259: 790-793. 

Yalden, D.W.; Bramwell, C.D.; and Heptonstall, W.B. 1971. Flying ability
of Archaeopteryx. Nature 231: 127-128.

there is also:

Yalden, D.W. 1997. Climbing Archaeopteryx in: Archaeopteryx 15: 107-108.


Jaime A. Headden

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