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Just took a trip to the library and see that the following are 
out. Apologies if they have been mentioned already.

Delair, J. B. & Sarjeant, W. A. S. 2002. The earliest 
discoveries of dinosaur bones: the records re-examined. 
_Proc. Geol. Ass._ 113, 185-197.

Among other things, Delair and Sarjeant (like Pickering) 
argue that Buckland's _Megalosaurus_ material was part of 
a single individual. There is also some rebuttal to Dean's 
claims about Mantell but not sure I agree with what they 
say. Of course this is a posthumous paper for Sarjeant.

Lee, M. S. Y. & Scanlon, J. D. 2002. Snake phylogeny 
based on osteology, soft anatomy and ecology. _Biol. Rev._ 
77, 333-401.

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