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Re: Paleocene Dinosaurs

Dan Varner (Danvarner@aol.com) wrote:

<I was just looking through the abstracts for next week's SVP meeting.
"Paleocene Dinosaurs? A Critique Of The Ages Assigned To The Upper
Kirtland Formation, San Juan Basin, New Mexico" by Sullivan, Lucas, and
Braman caught my eye. Is this the stake through the heart of the Paleocene
dinosaurs of New Mexico? Kind of slipped under the radar here on the

  According to them, there are non-transported dino bones in the
Naashoibito Member of the Kirtland Shale; all other dinosaurs have been
redated to the De-na-zin Member including, embarrassingly enough,
"Naashoibitosaurus" (or *Kritosaurus* as it likely is a synonym of), but
fragments remain. The Naashoibito, oddly enough, straddles the boundary,
so wether above or below is a matter of correctly mapping the layer and
the boundary within in. Not a bad chore for most LK/Danian sites.


Jaime A. Headden

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