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RE: Science Writing and the Effective Science Paper

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From: Jaime A. Headden [mailto:qilongia@yahoo.com]
Sent: Thursday, October 03, 2002 5:03 PM
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Subject: RE: Science Writing and the Effective Science Paper

Tracy L. Ford (dino.hunter@cox.net) wrote:

<Great that they teach that class. But I've never gone to college and I've
had several papers published with out that class. Much to the chagrin of
Ken Carpenter :), alls I've ever done is read articles and followed that
format (I hope those authors had taken that class).>

>>  I do not want to make this sound like I was somehow dissing those who
have not taken this class, as I too have not. I was referring to a method
in which this form was taught. I would like to point out that there was an
exception to taking the class, and Tracy has done this: read enough
papers, you get the feel for how they are written; aside from being
"taught", you are given sample papers to copy off of and this is not
dissimilar what I have seen and others have done. Tracy's papers I think
are very well written and are,<<

Thanks, even though I do forget a few things now an then like, Abbreviations
or Acknowledgements...

 like Bakker's, written with a flavor that
makes them fairly enjoyable to read.<<

Oh no, not only have I been accused of looking like him (at Dinofest in
Arizona I wore a shirt that said I'm Not Bakker) now I'm writing like him?

Don't know if that's a complement or not :)

I must say though, I have had help getting started. From Ken Carpenter (kind
of pounded it into me :) ), Jim Kirkland, Ralph Molnar, Peter Galton, George
Olshevsky, etc...(please everyone don't think I'm trying to 'boost' myself
by naming those paleontologist. I say give credit where credit is due and
take account for past mistakes, that's all). Helps to know people sometimes.

This also means others on the list can do the same thing, write papers...

 >>Sometimes you need to step outside a
strict formulaic paper and move to somethign that has a lot more freedom
in it, while keeping ones priorities clear; i would make an example of
much of what Bakker and Tracy write, for example, but I would never
recommend a shoddy, what I can get to support my theory idea to be
published without something rigorous in the method in which the data is

Second that. That's why I always run my work by someone else, even before I
send it in for peer review.


Jaime A. Headden

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