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Re: Chelonians and Small et al's Archosauromorph

> Here they describe an archosauriform with fangs and
 serrated teeth- hence apparently not an aetosaur or desmatosuchian.<
Isn't Desmatosuchus an aetosaur? ;)

> It is said to lack supratemporal, antorbital and external mandibular
fenestrae. Does this remind you all of something???<
Yes, a very primitive croc-like animal

> Could it be the archosauromorph ancestor of the
I somehow doubt it, but who knows. I thought turtles were thought to have a
strong ancestory to some Permian beasts, closer to mammals, who had migrated
the scapula into the ribcage.

> And sure enough its body is covered with a layer of
 scutes, the abstract states. <
It is, but I don't know how much scutes mean anything here. They could well
be more like croc scutes than prototurtle armour.

> Just can't wait to see this published<
Me either! This thing is really out of this world.

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