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Flagstaff Festival of Science

This weekend, as part of the FFOS, the Museum of Northern Arizona will be
hosting an open house on Sunday, including tours of the collection areas. On
Saturday, the MNA crew is going to be talking about a number of dinosaur
related things, involving ceratopsid pathologies, hadrosaurs, and a "long
clawed American cousin of an asian dinosaur." I don't have the times for the
talk (I'll post it later), but the open house should be going on all day.
For those in the area this weekend, I would suggest checking it out
(especially if you're in Sedona for the art festival, its only 20 minutes
north). Hope to see you there, and I'll post the talk time and location

Student of Geology
400 E. McConnell Drive #11
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, Az. 86001
AIM: TarryAGoat